Joy did my loc maintenance. She did a good job. Plus, I also had some issues going on with my hair, and she offered some helpful suggestions. I’m grateful I got the person I did considering I never been there before and I didn’t know who to ask for.

My only issues was the metered parking and they don’t use capes as far as I could see which resulted in my shirt getting wet up.

I would go back if I just wanted a palm roll, and I needed a cheaper place to go to. Their interlocking price is outrageous at 140 dollars.

I started my locks here with Joy last year. I am proud to say that I am a very satisfied customer. My hair is so cute. Joy takes pride in her work and she is very gentle.

The atmosphere is welcoming, professional, and charismatic. The customer service is always on point. Wait times are not exaggerated and inconvenient.

I also must say that the other beauticians, loctitians, and barber are very skillful as well. It nice to see the end product of the services they provide. Pretty impressive.